Practical Living

I’m really just an ordinary girl who serves an extraordinary God. I buy groceries at Walmart, clean my own house, cook, weed through stacked up paperwork and spend a lot of time serving my family. No matter how smart or wealthy or talented we are, there are mundane, everyday things that need our attention. Many times the Lord uses these ordinary things to keep us humble and relatable, all the while preparing us for the extraordinary moments.

Decisions that Become Defining Moments

September 1, 2017Time is passing by at the same pace every hour of every day, but some moments seem to linger more than others. If you’ve lived long enough, you can look back and see decisions that become defining moments. Maybe your look back is in regret of a bad decision, in pain because of a difficult decision, or in gratefulness of ... Read More

There is Still Room to Grow

August 2, 2017I am a local church girl through and through (and have been since I was a toddler), I’ve been digging deep in various Bible study groups for well over 20 years, but nothing has grown my faith more than personally engaging in Scripture on my own. Please don’t get me wrong, being part of a local church body will always ... Read More

Fruitfulness in Every Season

June 7, 2017If you’re like me, you have a particular season of the year that you like best. I am a summer girl at heart but the older I get, I am learning how to look for and enjoy  the fruit each season has. Our part is to scatter seed and trust the Lord to make things grow in their time. Ask ... Read More

Planned or Prepared?

September 19, 2016When I was pregnant with my firstborn, my husband and I took a series of childbirth classes. We took in more information than my husband (or I) probably wanted to know. We learned about putting together a birth plan and about a variety of must needed items that would help in the laboring process.  So I packed up a big ... Read More

Back to School

August 19, 2016I am enjoying all of the cute back to school pictures on Facebook and Instagram. I too was that mom taking my kid’s first day of school picture outside the front door. When they were in elementary school I even went a step further taking one with their teacher in the classroom. Yes, the older they got the more impatient ... Read More

Sweet & Salty

June 24, 2016I was doubly blessed last week as I honored two amazing men. I celebrated my dad a few days early for Father’s Day and returned home in time to celebrate my husband as well. Danny and I were thrilled to have both of our kids home. We planned a whole weekend of family fun. My husband grew up water skiing ... Read More

Boundary Lines & Pleasant Places

May 4, 2016What chaos we would have if there were no boundary lines. When I’m near the ocean I am grateful the Lord has established boundaries for the water. While driving 70 mph down the highway I am grateful civil engineers have set boundaries in place. If I undergo a medical procedure I am grateful the doctors, nurses, and technicians have gone ... Read More

The Best Advice

April 25, 2016Some of the best advice I’ve ever received came to me many years ago as a young mom. I was actively involved in leading others through Bible study.  I diligently filled in every line of my homework but I was lacking one thing – true intimacy with the Lord. This one thing does not come by lots of religious activity ... Read More