Growing up in an Air Force family, we moved every couple of years. Home was wherever my family and our household goods were at the time. Family always felt secure to me even though our home base changed often. For the last 30 years, I’ve stayed in the same town but still feel the same – home is wherever my family is! Now that my husband and I are “empty-nesters”, anytime we are all under the same roof is a joy for me.

These are a few favorite things I like to do with my family:

My Husband: spending ordinary time together, discussing our faith, evening walks, checking in throughout the day, ministering together the love of Jesus, teasing each other, watching Netflix (currently watching Hawaii Five-0). My hubby is amazingly organized and I’m the clean freak – we make a good pair. He’d rather watch sports and I’m a sucker for a good Hallmark Hall of Fame movie – we make it work!  He is still my favorite person in the whole world. Yes, sparks fly at times (hello, we are human) but we continue to prefer and honor one another. He is a man after God’s heart and I am so proud to be his wife! (

My Son: playing Boggle, hearing of his adventures, thrifting, making him a smoothie. He lives 2 hours away, which is 2 hours too far, but I am so proud of the man he is becoming. He puts up with my words of counsel and amazes me with his depth of wisdom. I can’t wait to see all the Lord will do in him and through him! He’s had my heart since day one.

My Daughter: hang out time, window shopping, working out, bedtime chats. She is becoming my best friend, which proves the Lord has been at work in both of us! What a joy it is to see her zeal for the Lord and for His church. I thoroughly enjoy having her 20 minutes down the road. Watch out world – she has places to go and people to meet. Oh, how I love having a daughter!

Realize no family is perfect. Love the family the Lord has blessed you with. One of my prayers over the years has been, “Lord, please give me your eyes for each of my family members and put a guard over my mouth!” As a wife for over 27 years and a mom for 23 years, I have been far from perfect. My family gets to practice often the gift of repentance and forgiveness, which keeps us all humble!